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Since inventing the Automatic Drying System in 1973, TOYOLIVING has broaden its overseas network to Taiwan, China, Singapore, as well as many other countries. TOTECH GLOBAL is currently playing the role as the only authorized distributor of TOYOLIVING products overseas. Over the years, we have sold over 700,000 cabinets around the globe, namely Russia, India, and other countries all over Europe, America, and Asia.

We sell TOTECH GLOBAL specific products, which use TOYOLIVING designed engine that has a reputation for the highest reliability and quality that passed highest-standard tests from world’s leading companies. By building our research and development facilities in Japan, we pursue higher quality and further innovation, to give you the ever-evolving products that meet your every need.


Toyo Living Co., Ltd., which invented the dry cabinet in 1973, is also the world’s first company that successfully industrialized shape memory alloy (SMA). This achievement has been valued highly, along with the superior dehumidification principle. In 1982, after suppressing many strong competitors, Toyo Living was rewarded the Award for outstanding domestic product rewarded by the Japanese Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry. It has won many other grand prizes and awards and its level of technology has been a strong presence in the Japanese technology world which is very particular in quality control.


Invented dry cabinet in 1973, TOYO LIVING registered their dry cabinet trademark SUPER DRY in Japan. SUPER DRY is the original dry cabinet product of TOYO LIVING, and TOTECH GLOBAL is the only company authorized by TOYO LIVING to sell genuine SUPER DRY brand products outside Japan. Please be careful that there are other companies that claimed as part of TOTECH group and/or sell our products. These are counterfeit products that are not covered by our warranty.


  • 1974
  • 1987
  • 1988
  • 1992
  • 2000

TOTECH GLOBAL, TOTECH JAPON, TOTECH SHANGHAI are the only companies authorized by TOYO LIVING to sell SUPER DRY brand products. There are other companies that claimed as part of TOTECH group and/or sell SUPER DRY brand. These are counterfeit products. Please be really careful as counterfeit products are not covered by our warranty. We also have authorized dealers in various countries. Ask us for more details on our dealer nearest to your location.

Our products have a very high performance and quality standard and have a much lower faulty rate than any other competitors. In any case a faulty occur, we will immediately solve the problem and send the replacement parts immediately. Our after service has been highly recognized amongst the best for more than 30 years.