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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we summarize questions frequently asked by our customers.
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What is the dehumidification principle of SUPER DRY/ AUTO DRY?

  1. The drying agent absorbs the moisture inside the cabinet.
  2. The absorption process will stop once the setting humidity level is achieved.
  3. The absorbed moisture will be heated and discharged as vapor.

Are SUPER DRY and AUTO DRY "CE" approved?

Except MT series and SDC series, all SUPER DRY and AUTO DRY series are CE approved.

Is there any life cycle in the drying agent? If yes, is it possible to exchange it?

The way how the drying agent absorbs and discharges the moisture inside the cabinet is a physical phenomenon, so theoretically there is not any life cycle in the drying agent. The dryer units we usually repair are those which have almost been used over 15 years, and we mainly repair the electric parts, rather than the drying agent.

Is it alright to put something with mold inside SUPER DRY/ AUTO DRY?

We do not recommend to put anything with mold into dry cabinet. It is because the mold will not perish without a professional maintenance, also the mold item will also affect other stored items inside the dry box.

Are there anythings that are not recommended to store in SUPER DRY/ AUTO DRY?

Yes, please do not put flammable or volatile materials such as benzene, LP gas, or alcohl etc in the dry box.

Are all SUPER DRY/AUTO DRY made in Japan?

The products are partially assembled outside Japan, but the core part of dry unit is made in Japan under the strict quality control of ISO9001.

My SUPER DRY/ AUTO DRY does not seem to be operating properly, can I get it repaired?

Please contact the distributor that you purchased the dry box, or directly contact us at

How does SUPER DRY protect from "ESD" (Electro-Static Discharge)?

All SUPER DRY is effectively protected from ESD.
Cabinet body, doors and glasses are shielded with a conductive coating material.
Standard shelves are stainless (conductive)
All cabinet are further equipped with a 1Mohm ground wire.

What can I do if I do not know which type/ series is the most appropriate for the storage of the specific SMD?

Please contact the sales department of your nearest distributor in your area, they can help you with the specific knowledge and experience.

What can I do if I cannot find an appropriate size/ design for my storage facility?

We take custom orders on your request. Please let us know the size/design you need.

Is it possible to install the N2 gas equipment inside SUPER DRY?

Yes, it is possible. We provide auto-purge and manual flow type of N2 gas. Only auto-purge type is not CE, CSA/US approved.

What should I do if humidity drops too low?

Put something saturated with moisture inside AUTO DRY, then the humidity will rise gradually.

Does the red LED mean AUTO DRY is under the dehumidification process?

The red LED means the setting humidity is being adjusted (the absorbed moisture is being discharged as vapor in 30 mins).

How does AUTO DRY control humidity level?

It is controlled by a sensor inside the drying unit.

Is it possible to adjust the temperature of AUTO DRY?

The temperature of all AUTO DRY cannot be adjusted.