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  • Super Dry

    Super Dry

    Super Dry is an auto-electronic dehumidifying cabinet which provides digital humidity control between 1-50% RH. It is perfect for ultra-low humidity storage, as well as ESD protection for various factory uses.

  • Auto Dry

    Auto Dry

    Auto Dry is an auto-electronic dehumidifying cabinet with 30-50% RH humidity control. It comes in an energy-saving design and various sizes that meet different needs of industrial and residential application.

  • Special


    Based on the Super Dry lineup, special series cabinets feature various extra functions, such as temperature control and air purification systems. This series provides a great solution for specific industrial purposes.

  • Options


    We also offer optional items to go with your Super Dry to ensure an optimal and efficient use of your cabinet. The lineup includes extra shelving, caster wheels, humidity data logger, and various other items.



    Made from a highly durable material, dry bag lineup becomes handy for carrying parts and equipments while working on the fields. With over 30 types of bags, our SUPERCASE has been utilized by various companies under various environments.

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