World's No.1 Dry Box




Super Dry - 02 Series


  • Digital Control 2-50%RH
  • Dry Unit × 1
  • EPA


External Dimension
W × H × D (mm)
500 × 1230 × 640
Internal Dimension
W × H × D (mm)
490 × 1160 × 590
Effective Capacity (L) 340
Weight (kg) 60
Mean Power Consumption 28 W/h = 20.2 kW/month
Rated Voltage Variations in voltage are available
Material Steel Body, Conductive Glass Windows
Shelves / accessories 7 Stainless Steel Shelves
(Max Load: 50kg)
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Specifications subject to change without prior notice for better quality.


Three-view Drawing

Three-view Drawing

Medium to Long Term Constant Ultra-Low Humidity Storage

02 series are equipped with 1 patented dry unit to constantly maintain the ultra-low humidity to minimum 2%RH to meet IPC (J-STD-033) demands, and are ideal for the moistureproof and anti-oxidation storage of the following items.

  1. Storage of all kinds of Integrated Circuits and Silicon Wafers etc
  2. Storage of PDP Inspection Equipments and Liquid Crystal Cleaning Equipments etc
  3. Storage of Aerospace related Instruments and Tools
  4. Storage of Optional Equipments and Digital Media
  5. Storage of Cultural Assets