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All Deteriorations are closely related to Humidity!

It's not too exaggerated to say, "All the deteriorations in this world are closely related to Humidity." Every material in semiconductor factories, laboratories, and other markets can have a longer shelf life under suitable humidity

Controlling humidity using SUPER DRY from TOTECH GLOBAL enables you to maintain the quality level of the materials in various cases.



Toyo Living Co., Ltd., which invented the dry cabinet in 1973, is also the world’s first company that successfully industrialized shape memory alloy (SMA). This achievement has been valued highly, along with the superior dehumidification principle. In 1982, after suppressing many strong competitors, Toyo Living was rewarded the Award for outstanding domestic product rewarded by the Japanese Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry. It has won many other grand prizes and awards and its level of technology has been a strong presence in the Japanese technology world which is very particular in quality control.

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