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For the Storage of Biotech, Physical, Chemical and Medical Materials

SUPER DRY have been used in many research institutes and medical facilities for the various applications shown as follows.

Moisture proof storage of samples and powdered materials, room temperature drying of experiment samples, mold prevention of microscopes and other optical lenses, low humidity storage of PME (Precision Measuring Equipment), etc.

Our cabinets have been making a large contribution behind the scenes of Japanese scientific researches.

Environmental Test
(Larger Effective Capacity and Cost Saving compared with Incubator)

Ultra-low humidity level 1-50%RH SUPER DRY Hyper series
2-50%RH 02 series
Low humidity level 20-50%RH AUTO DRY Long Term series
30-50%RH Medium series

Specification is subject to change without prior notice for better quality.

Dry Storage

With SUPER DRY, samples, reagents, glass instruments and fine apparatus can be dehumidified under ambient temperatures to avoid any damages caused by high temperature (heating stress).

The moisture absorption rate of powdered materials varies in AUTO DRY (electric dry box) and normal storage box at 50%RH of ambient humidity.

Storage Period Electric Dry Box Normal Storage Box
Immediate humidity level after storage 2.6% 2.6%
Humidity level after 30 days 2.6% 4.9%

The above data indicates only AUTO DRY (electric dry box) can maintain constant RH level.

Dehumidification Storage

Stored in AUTO DRY, samples, reagents, medicines and dried materials etc can be kept in their best condition away form any deterioration caused by moisture. Besides, it is especially suitable for the storage of water solution and microscope lens, as both of them are very sensitive to moisture.