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For the Storage of Digital Data and Films

SUPER DRY and AUTO DRY have been widely used in many enterprises and public organizations for the long term storage of their important data and microfilms.

If stored under the optimum humidity level, recording medias can be maintained up to their original “shelf life”, over 30 years for discs and over 500 years for microfilms, even at room temperature.

Films and Photographs

Our dry box can protect microfilms and photographs in their best condition from high humidity. The following is the ideal humidity storage for various kinds of pictures based on ISO5466.

Type of pictures Medium Term Storage Long Term Storage
RH level (%) Max Temp (°C) RH level (%) Max Temp (°C)
Microfilm Silver-gelatin
Thermally-processed Silver
20-50 25 20-30 21
20-40 15
20-50 10
General Silver-gelatin
Polymer Image
20-50 25 20-30 21
20-40 15
20-50 10
Color 20-50 25 20-30 2
20-40 -3
20-50 -10

Video Tapes

Dehumidification storage protect magnetic tapes from deterioration in noise and picture caused by high humidity.

Section of a tape


The ideal storage of laser disk is around 15-20ºC, 25-45%RH (within 2ºC and 5% of fluctuation) as high temperature and humidity affect the position of the recording element. The proper temperature and humidity control is therefore especially important for the storage of laser disk like CD and DVD.

Expected life of media