World's No.1 Dry Cabinet




For the Storage of Semiconductor Devices

SUPER DRY is the first auto-electronic desiccator that can maintain the ultra low humidity under 5%RH in the world, successfully marketing our products since 1974. SUPER DRY is designed to eliminate Moisture Sensitive Device (MSD) defects such as; micro-cracks, voids, depanaling and delamination etc. Currently more than 1400 company users including NASA, Intel etc over 26 countries have selected Totech's auto-electronic desiccator to protect their valuable inventory.

SUPER DRY was the first dry cabinet introduced in many Japanese Semiconductor factories, SUPER DRY is widely used in various European and American factories. With SUPER DRY, the moisture related defects of IC packages and Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) can be effectively and easily reduced or prevented. And with the introduction of lead-free processes the proper handling and care of MSD will become even more critical.

Applications in production process

Storage of SMD packages after their removal from the moisture barrier bags.
Storage of PCB (equipped on both sides) during the mounting process.
Storage of Printed Circuit Board during the examination process.

  1. 1) IC packages

    • Ultra-low humidity storage and handling of unsealed CSP, BGA, QFP etc
    • Ultra-low humidity storage of PLD during the programming process

    Recommended Model

    IC packages
  2. 2) PCBs

    • Dehumidification and moisture-proofing of Organic Thin Layered Boards, Printed Wiring Boards
    • Ultra-low humidity handling of Pattern Film during its production process

    Recommended Model

  3. 3) Silicon Wafer

    • Anti-oxidation
    • High quality control with dust-proofing

    Recommended Model

    Silicon Wafer
  4. 4) Ceramics

    • Ceramic Board, Ceramics Condenser and other Ceramics-related materials (powder)

    Recommended Model

  5. 5) Liquid Crystal Glass (LCG) Board

    • Dehydration under the ambient temperature after polishing
      (Maintaining balanced desiccating and prevention of discharging and adhesion of chemicals)

    Recommended Model

    Liquid Crystal Glass Board
  6. 6) Optical Fiber, CCD etc

    • Ultra-low humidity storage of micro-lens
    • Long term dehumidification and moisture-proof storage of devices which are not suitable for high temperature baking

    Recommended Model

    Optical Fiber, CCD
  7. 7) Crystal Resonator

    • Ultra-low humidity storage of Crystals, Electrode Materials and Binding Materials

    Recommended Model

    Crystal Resonator
  8. 8) Other Electric Components

    • Anti-oxidation of lead frame and bonding wire

    Recommended Model


IPC/JEDEC Standard (J-STD-033A)

IPC/JEDEC has concluded the following joint standard for the handling SMD.

Moisture Sensitivity Level 2-4
Below 10% RH storage is necessary. After the removal from a moisture barrier bag,the floor life of dry packages which is exposed under the environment not exceeding 30ºC and 60%RH can be reset, if they are placed in a dry box not greater than 10%RH for a minimum desiccating period of 5X the expose time.
Moisture Sensitivity Level 5-5a
Below 5% RH storage is required. A minimum desiccating period of 10X the exposure time is necessary to dry the IC packages which are exposed not exceeding 30ºC and 60%RH after removing from a moisture barrier bag enough to reset their floor life.

The mechanism of micro-crack in Intergrated Circuits (ICs) packages

Strategy against Lead-free

Moisture trapped inside MSDs will cause defects during the reflow process. The introduction of a lead free process will only aggravate this reality. The data below shows that the vapor pressure becomes greater and greater with increasing reflow temperatures.