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SD - 702 - 02

2%RH, 680L

SD-702-02 has an outstanding performance for drying moisture sensitive components and PCBs as a result of a high performance drying unit.

Humidity can be controlled precisely by digital panel to reach the lowest 2%RH.

It is specially designed for moisture sensitive SMD packages to comply with IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033C.


Modular design: Totech Super Dry is modularly designed dry cabinet. The main modules include dry units, control box, sensor, shelves and castors. All of the modules can be replaced easily. Totech dry cabinet can be used as long as the cabinet structure is in good condition. Most of our customers can use the Totech dry cabinets for more than 10 years without any problem.

Dry units: 2%RH

ESD safe: Cabinet is with ESD painted steel body (106 Ohm/sq), dissipative glass windows (in and outside 108 Ohm/sq) , stainless steel shelves and ground wire, well comply with IEC 61340-5-1.

Convenient operation: Totech Super Dry cabinet is with digital control panel, can control the humidity precisely from 2% to 50%RH, by adjusting ±0.1%RH. Humidity, temperature and alarm functions are shown and can be adjusted by digital control panel. Key Lock function on the digital control panel prevents unintended changes of setting. Sensor calibration function is also available with digital panel.

Maintenance free: Totech dry cabinet works by dry units. An interlocked fan causes the air to circulate through the dry unit, while passing through the dry unit moisture in the air is absorbed by the zeolite desiccant. During periodic regenerating of the zeolite desiccant by heating, the absorbed humidity is evaporated and exhausted through the external shutters of the dry unit. The process is physical, and no extra maintenance at all.

Lockable doors: Every door can be locked separately with a key.

Humidity alarm (Optional): Humidity alarm buzzer / humidity alarm light will sound or flash if the humidity exceeds set value.


SUPER DRY maintains preset internal humidity 2%RH and is ideal for moisture-proof and anti-oxidation storage applications, offering protection from corrosion, mold and deterioration for such items as:

  • All kinds of Integrated Circuits (IC), like Monolithic, BGA, QFP; PLCC, Bipolar etc.

  • Silicon Wafers.

  • Aerospace related Instruments and Tools.

  • Optical Equipment and Machine Tools.

  • Watches.

  • PDP Inspection Equipment, Liquid Crystal Cleaning Equipment, LCDs, TACs etc.

  • LEDs and LDs.

Digital Control Panel

  • Set humidity value precisely, display humidity and

  • temperature value

  • Set the humidity and door open alarm

  • Set the nitrogen purging time

  • Lock the panel to avoid unintended changes of setting

  • Sensor calibration

  • LEDs and LDs.


  • Customized models with different dimensions are AVAILABLE.

  • The max.external dimensions can be made into W1700mm, D960mm, H2000mm.

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